Appointment scheduling app

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Fast & easy client scheduling and management

Book, schedule, and manage all your appointments using Appointfix. No need for overpriced and complicated scheduling software. Our free scheduling app gives any service-based business a more professional approach when it comes to scheduling clients.

Manage and schedule appointments using voice commands

Appointfix is integrated with Amazon Echo and Google Home. So, while drinking your coffee, you can ask your voice assistant to tell you what’s on your schedule, when is your next appointment with a particular client, or even create a new appointment.

Scheduling app with a flexible calendar

Effortlessly flip through your appointment calendar with the Day, Three Day, Week, Month, and Mini Month views. Your online scheduling app gives you a clear overview of all your appointments within a more organized calendar.

Set up recurring appointments

Make the appointment once, set up your recurring preferences, and your appointment will automatically show up on your calendar. Your online schedule planner will help you every step of the way.

Schedule group appointments

Group appointments are ideal for classes; simply add as many clients as you like, and everyone will be reminded of their appointment. Manage all your clients within one simple scheduling app.

Parallel booking

Do you want to add a second appointment in the same time slot? It’s easy: tap and hold on a slot that is already booked until it gets selected, then release.
“I have used the Appointfix app for 3 years and I LOVE it!!! It has been very helpful and time efficient since I no longer have to carry and flip through client books to find their information on prior visits. As a hairstylist, it has saved me soooo much time!!!”
Julie VanDyke
Owner/Stylist at S&J Salon

Simple to use, yet packed with powerful features

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