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Easily manage appointments and clients, send automated reminder messages, and set up your online booking system with Appointfix’s barbershop software.​


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“I'm a Barber and it's The BEST App I could have ever used to keep me in order with my appointments, and clients.”


Appointment scheduling

Spend less time managing bookings by getting rid of the classic pen & paper appointment book. Use our app for barbers to schedule appointments, set recurring appointments, or update existing ones in seconds.


Automated text reminders

Trim your losses. Send automated text reminders to your clients to make sure they won’t forget about their appointments. A no-show rate of around 20% is not uncommon for barbers. Our barbershop software can help you reduce it to almost 0%.

Barber online booking system

Set up an online booking page, personalized for your barbershop, in just a few minutes. Let your clients self-book appointments online, 24/7, based on your availability. It’s easier for them. Never miss out on business.

Add a "Book Now" button to your Facebook & Instagram pages

Gain even more clients by adding a “Book” button to your  Facebook and Instagram business pages. 


According to Facebook for Business, a Chicago-based hair salon had 40% growth in appointment bookings in just 5 months by using the Book Now button on their Facebook Page.

Booking notifications

You can set your barber booking system to automatically accept all the appointments or you can manually accept and decline each appointment request. In either case, you’ll receive notifications when an appointment is booked, canceled, or rescheduled.

Text message marketing

Send personalized text messages to announce special deals or business updates to a list of clients, in a few taps. Save time by sending messages in bulk instead of texting each client individually.

Barber business reports

Check out your total sales for any day, week, month, or year. You can also see exactly which services and clients bring more money. This software for barbershop will provide the data you need to grow your business.


Client management

Getting overwhelmed trying to remember your clients’ preferences? Our barbershop management software stores your clients’ contact details, birthday, appointment history, and notes such as their preferred style, cut, beard length, etc.

You can access them at any time, from your mobile phone. You can also call, text, or email a client directly from the app.
men staff in appointments management app

Barbershop staff management

Manage your barbershop crew effortesly and help them keep a fully booked schedule.


Avoid double bookings by seeing all your staff’s appointments in one place. Find your best performers by checking your monthly staff reports in the app. 

We make over 60,000 professionals happy

“Appointfix has been a lifesaver for me. It has made my scheduling easier and simple. It has become the rock to lean on. I have the control I need and the freedom I want to schedule my clients. Thanks for creating such a great barber app!”
Orlando Velez
Barber at Daasssit Barbershop
“I`ve been using Appointfix since 2017, and what I like most about this app is how it eliminates any excuse for someone to not make it to their appointment, basically when the REMINDER is sent out to every client 2 HOURS prior to their scheduled time.”
Cleon Jones
“Amazing!!! I use this app every day. Makes my life so much easier, and my clients love it as well. Thank you for an amazing barbershop software like Appointfix!!!”
OB DaBarber
“I have been using Appointfix since it first started. I like how organized it makes my appointments. It`s an amazing app, great for your business needs, and easy to work with!!!”
Lazaro Burgos Jr.
Owner/Barber at In The Cut Barbershop

“Appointfix has been instrumental to my business by allowing me to show professionalism in an industry that`s sometimes not seen as such. This awesome barber app allows me to take appointments whenever and wherever I am. Appointfix also gives me the historical data to go back to and add receipts for the day, week, or month. It gives me the flexibility to add client appointments according to the frequency of services rendered. Can`t do without it!!!”

Carlton Clarington
Master Barber at Westside Barbershop

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