See at a glance what type of services your upcoming appointments include by using colors to label your services. You can also allow your clients to book appointments online and choose the services they need.

Color-coded services

Define your services by setting the price and the duration, or personalize them with colors. You can even set one or more services as default, and they will be automatically added to each appointment you create.

Auto calculated total price and duration

Add one or more services when scheduling an appointment, and Appointfix automatically calculates the total price and time. Sit back and relax, Appointfix does the math for you!
“Appointfix has helped me keep track of all my clients` past appointments, future ones, and what their spending is like. I would seriously be lost if I didn’t have Appointfix. It was the best app that I’ve purchased!”
Lori Gibbs
Hairstylist at Classy LG Hairstyling

Simple to use, yet packed with powerful features

Start making your life easier with Appointfix. It's free!

Spend less time scheduling appointments, reduce no-shows, and grow your business like never before.